Thursday, February 5, 2009

Hang 10 and Lucky Number 7

I am 10 today- double digits, yessss! And Zach turned lucky number 7 last week. Dad got us a TV and Zach calls it fat. We all laugh becuase it's a flat screen TV but he thinks we're calling it fat. We are not sure what we are doing for our birthday party- mom and dad have to give it a thumbs up, so we have to wait and see. I can't wait until I'm old enough to choose for myself without them. Usually dad is cool with things but mom always has to say no or think about it first. Today she brought treats to my class and did the same for Zach on his birthday, that was pretty cool of her. She likes to make our birthday a big deal, like it's really her birthday or something.

Keep it real!


Monday, August 4, 2008

Are You Ready for Some Football???

That time of year is here- football! I started my first official practice w/ my team yesterday. We wore our helmets for the first time since last fall and tomorrow we put on the pads- yessss! We'll be practicing four days a week until school starts in late August and then go to two days of practice and gameday on Saturday. I will be running back again this year and cornerback on defense. I am excited about college and pro football too; I cheer for the Denver Broncos and the USC Trojans. and my dad likes the CU Buffs.

Zach is going to play soccer and mom is his coach; he is really excited to be involved in a sport. Mom and Zach don't practice as often as me, but mom is excited to get in some exercise.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

California Summer Fun

We spent the Fourth and some days in California visiting family. We saw our California (and 1 Florida) cousins during our trip. We spent a lot of time in the sun and Zach is finally brown! He saw cousin Christine's tan line and was confused- he had never seen a tan line before. After mom explained what it was he noticed his color was brown like me. Side note: Zach thinks I'm brown, dad's black and he's white like mom. Now he thinks he's brown like me and even though mom did get a tan, she's still white! We really enjoyed the water park, frozen yogurt (a first for us) and having s'mores! We also went to a baseball game, boogie boarded at Newport, rode on a few rides at Disneyland and enjoyed some cool fireworks.

Glad to be back home around our friends, but we didn't want to leave the fun and love we felt while visiting. This trip made this a summer one we will never forget!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Say Goodbye

Baseball season is over. We did win a game in the playoffs but got eliminated on Sunday. I had the best game ever on Saturday. I was three for three; my first at bat was a single and an RBI, then my next at bat was a double with 2 RBIs and then my last at bat was a triple with 2 RBIs. My double was a line drive over the left fielders head and then my triple was a bomb in left field too (this one was way over the left fielder's head). It was a great game, but dad missed it. He has never missed a game and he decided to golf because he thought we would lose and get killed like the night before. I wanted him to see that all he taught me paid off. Mom was proud of me and cheered loud- I heard Zach cheer too.

Baseball is over and football has begun.....

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Summertime is Here!

"Slump? I ain't in no slump. I just ain't hitting."
-Yogi Berra

Last time I blogged baseball was just getting started. This weekend starts the playoffs for my team. We have only won 1 game and tied 1 game. I started out the season hitting but I did make some mistakes while playing shortstop. Then I got into a slump and was moved to third base. I played really well at third base but didn't get a hit in four games. Dad helped me out and took me to the hitting doctor. My last two games I have hit bombs and even did well at the Regis baseball camp this week. Mom and dad have been pretty tough on me but when I do well they are always cheering the loudest.

Zach and I are on summer break- yessss!!! Mom has her summers off, so we don't have to wake up early. We are getting excited for our vacation in California. We'll see all of California Cousins and Taylor, our Florida cousin. We'll be out for the Fourth of July and stay at Grandma & Grandpa G's house. And Zach is excited to see Uncle Mike- he calls Zach "Zeke." We always laugh when he does because it seems like he can't say Zach right.

Football has started too. I am playing with the Hawks this year. I really like the coaches and my new teammates. I am going to be running back again this year. Football is my favorite sport. I could play football all the time and never get tired of it.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Keep Up or Get Left Behind!

"Baseball is 90% mental -- the other half is physical."
-Yogi Berra

Baseball is in full swing. So we've been practing for two weeks now and this is what I know: every practice when we warm up, I always get stuck with a partner who is either afraid of the ball, can't catch or can't throw the ball to me. I mean, it's baseball and if you can't play catch, why play baseball? Hitting is another story. I am really lucky to have a dad who one, believes in my abilities and two helps me out with my swing. He really knows a lot about baseball and teaches me as much as I'm willing to listen to in the moment. But some of the kids are... Doobners. My dad came up with that name for the kids that don't have... hmmm how do I put this in a nice way.... my mom calls them the kids who can't chew gum and walk at the same time. Anyway, if that name sounds familiar, it's because it's a name of a family in Cheaper by the Dozen 2. See the movie and you'll understand. My coaches are really cool. Another plus is they don't have any kids on the team. I only knew one kid on the team, Shane. Shane goes to High Plains with me and we're friends. I really like all the kids on the team. Okay, back to practice. My dad is pretty good about letting the coaches coach, but he will give me some hinters during water breaks. My mom sits in the car and watches. She says it's too cold outside- even though everyone else is in shorts and a sweatshirt. Zach does what Zach does best, wanders around. He goes to the play ground for five minutes, then to see mom in the car and then to play with some of the other kids that are also dragged to their brother's practice.

Speaking of Zach, the weather is starting to get nice, so he'll be golfing soon. He can't wait. He is getting a bit tired of watching dad help me with baseball. But, he does cheer for me when I get a good hit. It will be nice to see him have his own thing that mom and dad can support him in- other than being seizure-free.

One more day of school and then Spring Break here we come! We're not going anywhere, but we get to sleep in and mom won't be yelling at us like crazy to get ready for school in the morning. And the best part is we get to stay up late Sunday and watch Wrestlemania, YES!

Good luck to mom and dad with your NCAA brackets!

Keepin' it real,

Monday, March 10, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy

Zach and I just got back from Copper Mountain. We volunteered up at the Winter Games for the Special Olympics of Colorado. Mom, Dad and the Regis kids were also volunteers. We helped the athletes in Olympic Town and played games with them. Zach and I did the SoulJa Boy dance (at the dance) and everyone gathered around and cheered us on. We worked hard and had a lot of fun too.

Baseball season is here! I am playing for Creek this season. Not too excited about the weather, but hopefully it will get warm sooner than later- for my California/Texas/Florida cousins, 60s in Colorado is nice in the Spring. March is the snowiest month of the year.

Zach is gearing up for golf and tennis. We call him the "Country Clubber" because of the sports he is learning. He really wants to play football, like me, but he has hit his head too many times already.

We'd like to hear how you are all doing.
Keep it real,